Heal and Restore Wholeness

What is Heart Magick? It's a 1:1 ritual session blending energy work, spirit messages, collaborative healing, meditation, and embodiment techniques. No two sessions are alike but you might experience:⁣⁣


Cord cutting (releasing attachments that drain your energy)⁣⁣

Extraction of blockages⁣⁣

Healing through heartbreak, relationship wounds, twinflame recovery, loss, and working as a bridge between your younger self and higher self⁣⁣


In short, this is a ritual created just for YOU. Swipe left to see some testimonials!⁣⁣


A little more about me:⁣⁣

I've been practicing energy healing with clients since 2010 and received my Reiki master certification in 2012.⁣⁣

I am a shamanic practitioner and priestess with a broad spectrum of healing knowledge as well as a spiritual medium who connects with your guides in order to identify and address deeper patterns and align with your highest possible level of healing.⁣⁣

As a psychic, I am down to earth and will not BS you about soul mates or tell you that I can help you get someone back, but, my mission is to help YOU get back to you, and to live in your wholeness.⁣⁣