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Such a wonderful session with you, Hope! So many things came up I wasn't expecting to hear and all spot on. I highly recommend doing a reading with you. The cherry on the cake is your warm, positive attitude.


Hope is a gentle soul who feels warm and like your bestie. Her readings are wicked on point. If you haven't received a goddess reading, go nab one and be prepared to be in awe of her beautiful gift in art as well as intuition!


My session with Hope was like being with a soul friend who lights up your insides.


Amazing! Hope was able to tap into my guides, who I so badly needed to hear from.


This was right on! I love this reading and how tapped in you are. It's incredible how insightful and informative this was.


You were right on. Completely intuitive and I know I have a lot of spirit with me and you picked up on that. You are very much tapped into spirit. I was amazed! This actually brought me hope and changed my mind set. Thank you!


I received a tarot reading from Hope recently. I have been struggling with my anger and asked her for help. My reading was exactly what I needed to hear. Hope did not know what I have been dealing with but my reading was spot on. Halfway through the reading I broke into tears as Hope’s words cut through straight to all the pain I was feeling deep inside my soul. I felt like her words were the exact words I needed to hear in that moment. I appreciate you and your gifts so much, Hope. Never stop sharing your magic with the world.


Hope has a beautiful connection to the universe. My reading with her was so empowering and in every aspect eye-opening. I had many oh-wow-moments during our session. She had no information about me before but it seemed like she knew me as if we were lifelong friends. Amazing energy, Hope. Please keep doing what you're doing. You're making this world a better place.





Just WOW! Hope is a true professional when it comes to her healing and spiritual abilities. She worked with me and held space for me during a very emotionally turbulent time. She handled me with grace and care and worked with me to unblock and heal my heart chakra. I felt immediately comfortable and comforted by her and her energy. I found her reiki to be extremely potent as within 24 hours of our session I was able to feel a lot lighter emotionally and physically. She is truly a master of her craft and I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking the healing she offers.


Hope kindly observes, then gracefully offers spacious light and gentle energy, through which you feel empowered to honor your truth.


Hope is the real deal. Deep down to her core you can tell she's into the art of healing purely for the good of people. She's genuine, creative, and every time we meet up, I'm able to explore a whole new side of myself. She sees me without judgment. I always feel safe and welcome during our sessions and it's because she's so dedicated to her craft.


Hope’s passion for healing shines through in her work. She made me feel so safe and supported during my first ever Reiki session. Afterwards, I felt grounded, like I was wrapped in a big cozy blanket. It was exactly what I needed and gave me the peace of mind and body that I needed that day. This woman is a gifted healer and I highly recommend her services!


Hope's peaceful energy and deep-rooted connection to Earth and the human heart are profound. She has tapped into herself, so she's able to guide you closer to yourself. Sessions with her have always left me feeling like I uncovered more layers and opened myself up to the Great Mystery even more.


Hope has worked with me a few times now for sports injury, stress, and IBS. Her power of touch is an incredible healing source. I reach the deepest level of relaxation during her treatments which allows my body to heal filler than many other modalities. I am incredibly grateful to have her as part of my healing process.


Hope not only puts you at ease the moment you meet her. She leaves you with this feeling of utter and total peace. Her energy radiates love and it couldn't be more obvious: her touch is truly one of a healer.


Hope's capacity to work with the energetics of the body is beyond words. The benefits I received from my sessions are diverse, numerous, and overflowed into all areas of my life.




If you want deep, healing, soulful yoga that will make you smile, don't miss class with Hope. Her unique combination of skillful asana and powerful connection with both earth and spirit always leaves me feeling energized and loved.


Hope is sweet, kind, delicate, and fierce. Her imagination runs wild, and she creates a very unique and supportive space as a teacher. I want to learn to tell stories with just as much imagination, creativity, and enthusiasm as Hope.


Hope holds such graceful space for her students. Every class is its own gem and her adjustments are heavenly. Hope inspires me to be a better student and teacher.


Where to start? Joyful, loving, beautiful, and amazing. It's so hard to describe a Hope class, every one is different, every one is special. She's phenomenal.


Every class with Hope is a poetic journey through the unfolding melodies of your own soul and breath.