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- Hope <3

My favorite part of the [intuitive healing] course was learning about cord cutting. This is something I will be using a lot. I also loved going over distance healing in more depth than I did in my reiki courses. I know I'll be using that a lot as well for my upcoming virtual healing session offerings.


What I really liked about this [intuitive healing] course is how you brought up the conversation around being trauma informed, which is something I think is greatly lacking in the 'wellness' industry. I also like the way you present information. You are just very authentic and you create a feeling of safety.


Aside from the fact that your course was very trauma informed (which was fantastic, thank you so much for including this), my favorite part was [learning about] transmutation. I think it will be a powerful skill to provide in wide-scale situations to help make healing easier or at least facilitate healing for both people and places.


My favorite part of working with you was walking away understanding what I am capable of offering, energy-wise, and feeling like I can offer it safely.


Thank you so much for offering such an enlightening, beautiful course. It has truly left such an impact on me that I know will last forever. I really feel very awakened to this healing path for myself and others. Your way of explaining concepts while being sensitive to each individual's experiences was very special to witness. My favorite part was being able to learn in the light of a trauma-informed base which really expanded my way of thinking and was healing and helpful for me personally as well.


The best part was being with other people who want to use healing work to contribute to global regeneration. I appreciated being able to practice the techniques in class, too, because it pushed me out of the comfort zone and gave me confidence. It feels good to learn from you because this community practices in a way that feels ethical and sacred.


Thank you so much for leading this course! I feel so much more prepared to offer services publicly after finishing. Thank you again for all your time, energy, and love!


I enjoyed so much what I have learned from you. The energy, the space, and the lessons will help me expand my practice in the future when working on myself or clients! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I look forward to working with you again in the future!


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