I'm Hope. Montana born, East Coast raised, California found. I live in San Diego with my partner and our 4 year old daughter, as well as our black cat, Magick. In before studying reiki and mediumship, I studied cultural and linguistic anthropology with a focus on comparative religion. I fell in love with spirituality via yoga and breathwork, and ultimately pursued my 200 hour Certificate to teach restorative yoga via Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts in 2011. At the same time, I dove into reiki and finally received my Reiki Master certification in Sedona, AZ at the Infinite Light Healing Studies Center. My voyage into mediumship started with my reiki initiations and eventually after receiving mentorship from various guides in the San Diego area, I began to offer sessions and quickly realized that it was my favorite thing in the world and the best way for my heart to be in service to Spirit.

Enough about me! Here's my prayer for you, my dream client:

🌹 You want to live lusciously. You are ready to receive, ready to shine, and ready to be held in loving awareness.⁣

🌹 You've outgrown the life you were raised into and are striking out on your own path. You trust your soul's voice, and that delicious shiver Spirit sends down your spine when you're on the right track.⁣

🌹 You claim your power, sovereignty, and FULL agency over your own future.⁣

🌹 You center personal work (inner child, shadow, and depth) over trying to control what other people do, feel, or think.⁣

If this sounds like you, we're kindred spirits. And it's an honor to have met, and to walk this path together. My door and heart are open to you, and I can't wait to connect.⁣

Hope 🌹✨⁣