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hey, it's me, hope!

I'm a multi-disciplinary healing arts practitioner, mentor, writer, and survivor-turned-advocate who has been working in the fields of wellness, spirituality, and intuitive healing for over 12 years.

I'm here to help you develop your OWN healing potential so that you can empower yourself to thrive & serve the greater healing needs of the collective.

In my work I strive to blend my spiritual side (certified reiki master/teacher, certified aura reader, trained meditation teacher & movement arts trainer) with my passion for trauma-informed, survivor-centered care. All of my offerings and classes are informed by the lens of several trauma sensitivity trainings and a domestic violence counselor certification.

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Fern says:

I have worked with Hope in two of their courses as well as their mentorship. I absolutely adore them and their teaching style. They allow for so much individuality and fluidity in their teaching, so I feel fully comfortable in using the techniques they teach. I never felt pressured to make my implementation of the techniques uniform or anything other than what came naturally to me. Also, I really appreciate the focus on cultural sensitivity, trauma informed care, and inclusivity.

I felt very free to simply show up as I was which is necessary in order to both receive and give healing.

Hope has an uncanny ability to create beautiful communities that attract people who are just as open, loving, and invested in learning as yourself. 

I feel empowered to move forward as a healer, and I feel supported as I continue to learn and grow. I know that Hope will always be there for me if I need extra help.

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